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About Me

About Me

Living Beyond Lime...
*Click the Butterfly*

Be honest, Be real, Be you...


I say this and have been using it in my music and writing for years. But stripping down to that level of honesty is a challenge in the real world. It requires being willing to put your entire heart out for the world to break and break again. For everyone to see you for all that you are, faults, fears, weakness, illness, and mistakes and to let them watch you fall and get back up for the thousandth time. It takes you out of the safe world behind your computer keyboard or phone screen and instead transports you directly into the world of people. Real life, real hurt, real crazy, messy people. That is why I wrote Living beyond Lyme, it is longer than my normal blog entries and required more space, and time to read, but it's an honest look into what the last decade and then some of my life has looked like. Why I disappeared from music and honestly from life for so long? It's brutal honesty and scary vulnerability for me. But I hope it makes a difference in someone's life. I hope it helps someone choose to live and fight and change. It is the best about me you will get.


For those who choose to read it, thank you!

Bobbie De Leon 

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