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There is something magical to me about the outside. During the day we have sunshine, flowers, trees, grass so much inspiration. And at night we have the moon and stars which have always fascinated me. I’m one of the blessed ones in so many ways. But one of the main ones is that I have never grown up. That doesn’t mean I’m not responsible however, I work, I have to make sure things are taken care of, cleaned, that people are fed, animals tended to and so on. What I mean by I have never grown up is that I have never let go of my childlike imagination! I still daydream (all the time). I still pretend.

I take advantage of every opportunity to expand my imagination, to never stop dreaming. Sometimes when I’m cleaning the house I will pretend I am a maid in a grand castle and if I accomplish my tasks in a timely and professional manner I will be promoted. I will be moved to an amazing room fit for a princess, with a grand window overlooking the kingdom……hey it’s my story, I make the rules lol. If I’m mowing the lawn I might be a migrant labor worker and I’m trying to help make sure my family can survive the winter. I find imaginative ways to motivate me in tasks I don’t much enjoy, which makes tasks I do enjoy all the more enjoyable! I also take advantage of every opportunity to read, one of the main things that keeps my imagination flowing freely.

Why am I saying all this? Because not losing that childlike imagination, continuing to use it and exercise it has allowed me to pursue the things I dream the most of doing. It has allowed me to achieve and go after things I didn’t even know I was capable of! And even when I’ve been knocked down or rejected that imagination and passion (with a lot of help from God and my faith in Him) has allowed me to get back up. So wherever you are in life, find a way to dream again. And if you’ve never stopped dreaming than keep on keepin on. Someday you will wake up and find all your dreams have come true…….at least the most important ones.

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