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So many thoughts go through my mind when I'm on a plane. The funny part is crashing is rarely one of them (I am ever so thankful for that). I mostly think of the beauty around me, mountains we fly over or oceans. I love when you look out the window and all you see is a patchwork of land or a road of clouds. On this last trip to Oregon I started thinking that a plane is probably an amazing place to write.....especially because of how clear headed I am. This trip I was able to go to coast. There is just something amazing about the ocean, the sounds, the smells, and the breeze coming off the water. No matter where I visit the Ocean from the awe in me is the same. I can think so clearly by the Ocean and sometimes I even experience that rare break of not thinking at all, just enjoying the moment. So here is the coast. I had so much fun at the coast this trip that I didn’t get an ounce of writing done and that’s okay!

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