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New Adventures....

The Great Adventure......

I've heard it said by more than one source and in a multiplicity of situations that the only constant is change. I have over time come to learn that it absolute truth. Sometimes that change is bad, or hard, or sad........but sometimes that change is good. I am at a place of big change in my life and I am happy to report that it is all good. I'm taking on more responsibility (the good kind lol) and a lot of things I am not yet at liberty to discuss. I am excited however that these upcoming changes (especially in the new year of 2017) are going to open up the door for me to do the things I love with so much greater passion and capacity. It always amazes me that I have been working my way into the things I'm most passionate about in various ways for years and no matter what happens I always find my way back to them. So I will announce more details as soon as I can but until then whatever it is that you are passionate about (Music, Filmmaking, Scriptwriting, Art, Acting, Scrapbooking, Photography) whatever it is that you keep coming back to, find a way to pursue it. As I've said before time is going to pass whether you pursue your dreams or not, so you might as well make that time count.

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