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Falling leaves.....

We have finally arrived at fall (well officially not for like a week) but it's fall in my world lol. My most favorite time of year! It means we have all the fun stuff coming one after another......Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years! I love love love it ALL!!!! Christmas of course is my absolute favorite but I love pumpkin patches and hay rides and carving pumpkins and pumpkin everything. In fact my nickname is pumpkin lol. So I do very much love and enjoy September and October! As for what's going on in my world, I am getting ready to move so it's been a little crazy (Packing is not my happy place lol) but it must be done. I am slowly getting over a throat infection that stripped my singing voice :'( not fun at all but it's slowly returning so I'm excited about that! My world is changing and though all the changes going on in the world around me don't really seem to be good (so much hate and prejudice and misunderstandings and division) it breaks my heart, but in my little world things are changing for the better =). It comes back to once again time is going to pass no matter what you do, so you might as well pursue the things you love. So that's what I'm doing! Be honest, Be real, Be you because no one else can be you!

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