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The hard days.....

Anyone who knows me very long will learn that I love animals and I am passionate about their care. That made today one of the hardest days I've had in a long time. Two sweet heart stray (and clearly badly abused) dogs showed up on my doorstep. They were half starved and dehydrated! I have two rescue dogs myself already that are three years old and our whole world! We also have three rescue cats (one cat and two kittens). We have found homes for as many as possible of the endless list of strays that get dumped near our house to ease the burden on the rescue places. I am not allowed to have more dogs or animals where I currently live (and I understand that because we already have the two dogs and three cats). But I couldn't just let these sweet babies starve.... so for the next two days I fed them, watered them and loved on them while I worked at trying to find them a safe place to go. After calling or e-mailing every place I could find no one had any place to put them or any funds to take care of their vet bill. I had to do the hardest thing ever, I had to call animal control who came and took them and the guy was amazing with them and kept them together. The Humane society will try everything they can now to get them out and to safety but if they cannot find a placement at least the sweet babies won't suffer anymore and they got a whole lot of love before they had to leave. I am beyond heartbroken right now though and I have been crying my eyes out all day. I hope and pray with all my heart you find homes sweet babies and even more love and if not then rest in peace and I pray God gives you a happy home with all the pets and family I've lost over the years. :'( :'( :'( People have told me there are way worse problems in our world then animal abuse but do we? If you cannot value an animals life how can you truly value a human life? And do you know where violent and uncaring adults start? They start as little kids abusing animals. So this is a huge issue and it's time for it to get attention.

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