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Another harder day for me.......Today is my Friend Ashley Taylor's birthday. Only she's not here...... Her life was taken from her in July of 2011. I know she's in a better place, but the way her life was taken will haunt me forever. So the purpose of this post is to hopefully reach someone one day who might be reading it, and might be in a relationship with a guy that they have a gut feeling about. Don't ignore that gut feeling. Because ignoring that initial gut feeling cost Ashley her life. It robbed her family of more time with her and any purpose she had on this earth it left unfulfilled. If you are in an abusive or controlling relationship, please, please tell someone who can find help for you. Don't live half a life and don't lose your life I beg you. Reach out, someone is listening and someone will reach back! You are worth far too much to be taken out that way.

RIP Ashley.......You will forever be missed down here but I am determined that you will still make a difference here. Your voice will still be heard here.

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