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Life Lessons......

I was reminded the past couple of days of a very important life lesson we often forget..... which is to breathe. Breathing in itself is something we do so effortlessly (in most cases) we take it for granted. A couple of days ago we had a massive rain storm sweep through our area (the photo above is my back yard). The rain fell so fast and so hard with no break that the water had no where to go. The creek that follows our property overflowed it banks and turn my yard into a fast moving field of water. Not a good feeling for anyone, but for someone who never learned to swim it was borderline panic. It seemed that it was an overwhelming situation with no way out. But just about the time my panic was starting to set in, they opened the dam and as fast as the water had rushed rushed out. My crazy scary situation had changed, the tide had turned so to speak. And as fast as the struggle presented itself the solution was present. Now I couldn't see the dam, nor did I have any knowledge that the creek that runs along my property was somehow tied to it. So to me there was no way out of this situation without a full break in the rain (which didn't look possible). What I didn't know was that there had been a way out of my situation the entire time. And that is so often how it is in life. Our struggles can seem so hard and can go on relentlessly sometimes to the point of breaking us. But I encourage you to remember to breathe. Just because you see no way out, doesn't mean there isn't one just around the corner. I've been through so much in my life. So many seemingly hopeless and overwhelming situations. So many events I truly believed that I would not survive though. But I made it, it took a lot of fight, a lot of faith and a lot of God, but I made it. I don't now what your belief system is but no matter what it is you can take this lesson to heart. Take a deep breath and remember.........this too shall pass. There will come a day down the road when you can look back and see just how far you've come! A point where you will realize that sometimes the answer to your problem is just past your point of view. I'm not saying the answer will always come as fast as the problem, but it will come.... that I can promise. Don't bend to he pressure of time. Just hang on! Change your perspective, change your perception and change your life!

Psalm 139

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