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A magical little town brings the return of Christmas past.

The return of Christmas past

Dear editor,

Everyone who knows me and even some who don’t, quickly become aware of my love affair with Christmas! It’s always been such a magical time for me. I’ve enjoyed Christmas dinners, Caroling, preparing gifts, baking cookies and breads, homemade hot coco, Christmas parades and every once in a great while some snow! I love everything about Christmas!!!!

Naturally I was heartbroken when for the last couple of years it appeared to have lost some of its magic…. something that has never happened to me before. People around me were in such a rush and no one had any time for frivolous things such as lighting a town tree or caroling or even enjoying all the beautiful Christmas lights. Instead everyone seemed to just want it to be over…..but I kept dreaming.

This year the magic of Christmas has come back to me! In February of this year my husband and I and our fur babies moved to the Sand Springs area and I immediately felt Christmas magic come back! Even though when we moved here Christmas was almost a year away! I started envisioning my tree in the front window of the new house, planning holiday dinners and researching local events.

You cannot imagine my excitement when I found out that Sand Springs was having a craft fair, a tree lighting, a Christmas parade, Christmas themed photo ops all over town, Caroling and the list goes on. It was like I finally found my happy little Christmas town! I look forward to being more involved in these events in the years to come!

This holiday season, I’ve felt like a kid again, a kid in that first moment of Christmas morning when you have no idea what the day holds for you, but you know it will be amazing!!! I hope the people of Sand Springs can slow down this holiday season and realize how special what they have here is and that they will fiercely protect the innocents of it.

So to the town of Sand Springs and all the volunteers and amazing people who have pitched in to bring us all these amazing holiday events, going all the way back to Labor Day!

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you!

Bobbie De Leon

P.S. More fun pictures from town coming soon!!!

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