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Goodbye sweet Jeannie :'(

I missed my Christmas post this year and I'm not lying when I say that I was dreading writing this post. Not because I'm tired of writing but because of the pain I knew I would feel trying to get through it. On December 19th our sweet senior rescue baby had a massive seizure out of nowhere and in less than two min she was gone. She crossed over the rainbow bridge. I was so heartbroken (I still am). She was the best dog in the world and she was my shadow (followed me everywhere!) my heart aches for her everyday.

I was reading a book "The Mistletoe Promise" by: Richard Paul Evans when I read a quote at the beginning of one of the chapters that struck a chord in me. It read "Like a balloon, a full heart is easy to puncture" I can relate to this so much! Because Jeannie completed or filled my heart up so much, I think because I chose to love her knowing that at some point in the near future (No idea how near) she would leave us and my heart would break.

I take comfort in knowing we gave her the best year of her life and showered her with love and cuddles and she was so loving and appreciative. so goodbye for now my sweet Jeannie! We miss you like crazy everyday!

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