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After watching The Mistletoe Inn about 6 times on Hallmark channel over Christmas and then again after Christmas (don't judge me) ........I decided it was time to read the book. It was written by one of my favorite authors Richard Paul Evans. If you don't know who that is you are greatly missing out! He wrote a book years ago titled "The Christmas box" which was made into a movie staring Richard Thomas (from the Walton's). The movie was good too but as in most cases the book is always so much greater and filled with so much more depth. He's been crowed with the amazing title of "The King Of Christmas fiction" by the New York Times. I love the mistletoe promise for so many reasons but one of the most important is it's raw emotional realness. It takes some very tragically flawed characters and some of the greatest blows life can deal to anyone and somehow brings something beautiful out of them. I teared up at the end not just because it was ending but because it reminded me how important letting love win over anger and over fear and the importance of taking chances even when everything around you says not to. Never let fear define you! I am so glad that I decided to read this book!

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