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Taking Chances.....

Inspiration is not limited to a certain place, time or person. It can be found in sometimes the most unlikely of places, the airport, a bus terminal, the grocery store pretty much anywhere people are or are not. Inspiration is one hundred percent dependent on you. You as the person viewing your world choose how much it inspires you or brings you down. No person or thing has the power to destroy your inspiration unless you give that power away. So if you choose to see inspiration in everything even when it's difficult you give yourself permission to take chances. You give yourself the power to push past the fear of failure and allow yourself to succeed. Taking chances I admit can be hard, especially if there appears to be a high risk of failure or hurt. But the truth is in the crazy world we call home right now you are going to get hurt and you are going to fail even if you do nothing. In fact doing nothing is a far greater failure than actually risking something and failing. So I challenge you today as I challenge myself.........take a chance at something you feel you were meant to do. Never stop moving forward and when the world fails you (and trust me it will fail you) be your own challenger, be your own inspiration and power through. It's amazing what can happen when you refuse to let life control you and instead you make your own destiny.

Be Honest, Be real, Be you!


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