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Planting a garden.......

Not a garden in the literal since (although at some point I would love to have time to do that) but starting a dream garden. What do I mean by dream garden? In the same way that you can’t grow vegetables if you never plant a vegetable garden…….dreams cannot grow unless planted in actual life. You cannot be a blockbuster actor if you never audition for anything or a New York Times Best Selling author if you never write anything! So I’m starting a dream garden, where each month I plan challenge myself to plant a seed towards actually achieving my dreams, then water it and watch it grow. I encourage you to do the same! If you want to be an actor jump into an acting class or one of the various local community theatres and get some experience and confidence. If you want to be a writer start writing articles, short stories, etc and find ways to learn the craft. I’m in the arts so of course those are the examples that come to mind for me but whatever your dreams are (Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Painter, Lawn business, Landscaper, Gardner) none are too great or too small if you are willing to put the work in.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life ……Dreams to reality equals a LOT of HARD WORK!!!!!! The hardest job you will ever do in fact! It’s tons of hours, little to not pay (initially at least) and sometimes doesn’t pay off in the end. But if you love doing it and you can make a living at it go for it. Sometimes that will require working an actual job you hate to be able to pay for those small seeds you need to plant. Here is the thing, time passes anyway, so why not take the steps you can here and there to at least try? Don’t live your whole life wondering what if? And don’t try to find the time for your dreams because you will never plant a single seed that way. You have to make time (stay off fb, watch less tv, avoid Netflix lol).

“I don’t believe people are busier than ever, I believe people are more distracted than ever.” – Jerry Jenkins.

A truer statement was never spoken. We have more tools for getting things done faster than any time in history and we have less time than ever! So put away the distractions and live!

Until next time

Bobbie De Leon

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