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-Never forget September 11th

September 11th is a day I don't feel that should go by without some type of acknowledgment. I remember, actually I remember every detail of that day and I remember being glued to the tv for hours not because I wanted to be but because I was in shock, I couldn't look away. My young mind had never had to process anything of that magnitude. The sounds, the sights of that day are forever etched into my memory. I saw the second tower hit live and it fundamentally changed how I viewed life. I remember the days that followed, It was hard to go into any high rise building or even go into any major city. It was stressful to see a plane go by overhead and even more stressful the thought of having to fly. The loss of life was unfathomable. But in the midst of that we grew as a nation, we reached out, we enlisted, we fought as a whole. We were all brothers and sisters, we were all New Yorkers. I remember how the dust from the fallen buildings made it impossible to tell the color of the people on the ground. For a short time there was nothing dividing us. For a short time we were the United States of America.......How quickly we forget.....but I, I will never forget! I remember all those lives lost not only in the buildings but the lives of the first responders, the volunteers and everyone who sacrificed trying to get people out. I pray we never face another day as dark as that in my lifetime. 9-1-2001 Never Forget!

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