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Pumpkin Patches and idea hatches...

I find myself amazed every October. I always think I'm worn out and that I've run out of inspiration but then October comes and I find myself suddenly energized. It's like an electricity surges through my entire being just knowing the whole landscape is about to change for the next several months. It's not just because it's fall but because of all that fall brings. The array of colors, pumpkin patches everywhere each with their own unique brand and set up of happiness for "kids" of all ages. It brings the excitement of knowing all the coming months have in store.... Thanksgiving and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, town tree lightings kicking off the Christmas season and of course all the amazing lights and sounds of Christmas. I personally cannot imagine how hard one would have to work not to be moved by it all. I do understand that for some the holidays are hard and I wish I could change that for them. But for me it's my safe place, my happy place, it's what gets me through the rest of the year!

I was thrilled to begin my annual fall activities this year with a visit to a Pumpkin patch I had never been to before. I saw a facebook post for the Sand Springs Pumpkin Patch. It may well be the most fun I've had at a Pumpkin Patch even though it was rainy and overcast. It's free to go in and look around, pick out some great pumpkins to purchase and take advantage of the amazing free photo opps they have set up! Taking pictures is one of my many favorite things to do so I was excited! They also have a child's pass for $8 with a petting zoo, country games, a playground area, and a ton more family friendly fun like pony rides!

I have included below a gallery of of a few of the photo op options. It was so nice to just walk around in the crisp fresh air and breathe! Sometimes we all need to stop and breathe! Remember what's important and enjoy the moments in each day. So if you haven't been or even if you have... go checkout the Sand Spring Pumpkin Patch

P.S. this is not an ad and I am in no way associated with this Pumpkin Patch as I stated above it was my first time there but won't be my last. I am simply a very passionate person and when I love something I feel obligated to share it lol. If you go let me know how it was and feel free to share your pictures!!!

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