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Old fashioned burgers and old fashioned service..... That's a good thing btw

It's not very often anymore when you come across a business where the product is amazing and the service is also! But that is exactly what happened to me tonight at Arnold's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Tulsa, OK. After a crazy day I stopped there to grab some food for me and my hubby, I placed my order to go and sat down to wait on my number. A terrible feeling in my stomach overwhelmed me as I realized I locked the keys in the car, it was raining and there was still a long night ahead me. I was not driving my usual car because its being repaired so I was already off my A game. I called AAA and they informed me it would be an hour wait before someone could come and open the car for me. So me and my soon to be cold food were stuck. Arnold's staff was amazing, the girl at the counter offered to keep my food under the heat lamp until I was ready to go (which was already incredibly nice of them) but she went above and beyond that and kept checking on me and offering a great deal of understanding and a smile (a smile goes a long way in stressful situation). Finally after an hour the locksmith got there and I went outside to meet him to get the car open, He got it open quickly and I got my keys (YAY!) Now here is where customer service went way beyond what I'm used to in this crazy messed up modern world we live in. While I was outside getting my keys the staff at Arnold's Old Fashioned Hamburgers re-made my order fresh so I didn't have to go with food that had been sitting out an hour. I hadn't asked them to do that and I hadn't even complained knowing it was my own stupid fault for locking my keys in the car! But they did it anyway and it was such a refreshing surprise to walk back into! This place is incredible and their people are amazing! It was so nice to see a business whose most important bottom line is the customer! Thank you Arnold's Old Fashioned Hamburgers for taking my stressful day and bringing a little magic back to it! If you have never been and you are in the area I highly suggest you go! Best Burgers in Tulsa, OK!

Arnold's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

1722 W. 51st Street

Tulsa, OK 74107

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