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Have yourself a small town Christmas!

I was able to experience something new and exciting this November! A small town Christmas tree lighting! I've always wanted to have this experience but it never worked out where I lived. We moved a year ago and the town we moved to just started a lot of amazing Christmas activities for the community. I'm excited to see where it all goes from here. I must say though It lived up to my expectations. It was small enough to feel like a hometown Christmas but big enough to feel like a full community event. Everyone was having a good time, It was just chilly enough to feel like Christmas.

The tree was beautiful. The smell of kettle corn was in the air from the food trucks, Christmas music was playing in the triangle and all the local store windows were decked out with Holiday cheer. And on the main stage was a group of children for the reading of the Grinch. It felt like Christmas. Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I love Christmas so my expectations were pretty high. What I learned from this experience though.... you don't need a news crew, you don't need thousands of people, you don't need a movie script to create Christmas magic. You just need a few people who love Christmas and love their community and a few thousand Christmas lights. I hope you enjoy the pictures...

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