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Changing what defined you...

I had surgery on the 19th to remove a cancer spot from my head. It had taken over a birthmark I've had all my life. When I look in the mirror that mark was always the very first thing I noticed. Over the last few years and months it changed and started to reform itself, bubble up and break and bleed. So I finally had it checked and found out it needed to be removed asap. so I schedule the surgery and a week later I went in. It went very well and the surgeon was amazing and thankfully very talented. It has not been a painless process but also not nearly as bad as it could have been. It hurts the most when it has to be cleaned and disinfected (as to be expected), it hurts with pretty much all facial expressions, trying to raise an eyebrow or when I sneeze! I'm dealing with some swelling and puffiness but I think that's normal as well. So Just taking it easy this week and letting my body heal! It's sort of like having a bad headache that doesn't go away for a long time.

What will be most interesting for me however, will be looking in the mirror the first time when all that is left is the tiny scar. When everything is all healed up and I no longer have the crazy stitches or the birthmark. That birthmark is what always defined my face to me and to others. But now it's going to be re-defined by a tiny scar far smaller than the birthmark ever was. I'm looking forward to this new chapter of seeing myself as something new and different. Time will tell how it all turns out :) In the meantime, too bad it wasn't halloween, it wouldn't have taken much to do a costume haha.

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