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I logged on to write my post for this month and realized I forgot to publish last months post (sorry lol). So you will end up seeing two new posts today. One written in August and one September.

I've previously written about my struggles with Lyme disease and how much of my life it robbed for years. I've talked about it stripping my voice and going years without being able to sing. This made writing music painful for me so I just stopped doing it. Didn't even want to, I just felt totally uninspired. Music became suffocating to me and it broke my heart. This month, everything changed. First I'm getting my voice back (I'm about 80% there and still have a lot of work to do) but I want to be on an even deeper level skill wise than when I had to step away. I've spend hours the last few days listening to music that inspires me, one artist in particular. But I found something interesting as much as his music inspired me (and it inspired me because he just laid everything out there. He was authentic and it was so so so refreshing). But I found that listening to him talk about his craft (his passion for it, his love of it) actually re-lit a flame for music in me that I honestly believed had died.....I was wrong. So for the first time in years I was up all night, not because of insomnia but because I was writing songs. It was amazing and powerful and exciting. I realized that I had let struggle and fear rob me of the joy of just being alive. So going forward I want to throw fear and self doubt and struggle out the window and go on a great adventure. It should be interesting to see where it goes. I will be posting content for you as soon as I can. I also plan to make a list of things I've never done but would like to (challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone). You will be hearing from me soon! Until then go make a difference!

P. S. Huge thank you to my buddy Tommy knuckles for the amazing logo!!!

Be honest, Be real, Be you!

Bobbie De Leon

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