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Fun day at the fair!

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time! I was able to go to the fair with my love. It may not seem like a big deal to most, I realize most people go every year. But for me it's been years since I've been able to do something like that. I've had to be mostly sequestered from other people because of a compromised immune system from Lyme disease. The last few months (minus a few minor set backs) I've made leaps and bounds in my recovery. I've been able to workout three days a week, I'm eating super healthy, drinking lots of water and keeping it all down. My liver and thyroid are functioning again (which makes a huge difference in how well my body can fight) and I have actual real life energy. I've been able to go to the store in the middle of the day when actual people are there lol. I can walk around places and not feel like I'm dying. And most amazing of all... I can sing again (which is huge!!!!). But the fair was a big deal, it's something that in the past would have terrified me because the risk of getting really really sick for months after was a true to life possibility. One I had lived so many times before. Not this time! Ramon and I walked hand in hand all over the fair, we laughed, cuddled, looked at all the animals, watched the horses practice and smelled but stayed away from all the unhealthy food lol. And the greatest thing of all was watching Ramon get chased down by a very excited 9 year old girl because she had to tell him that her best friend in the world had the same My Hero Academia shirt as him (it was soooo funny) LOL! It was a gloriously happy day and it was cool outside which just made staying in my happy place all the more easy. My only regret from this amazing day?? I wish I had gotten on the ferris wheel, next year I guess ;) What I learned? Don't waste time, don't waste any of it, not one single second. I am taking the time I "lost" being sick and working it into my art, music, writing. But not so much the struggle, even though it's definitely there in every line...but how I found my way out of it. I've had enough negativity to last a lifetime and now I'm living on the flip side. It's time to spread some hope! It's a beautiful, crazy world out there and there is happy and joy and love all over it if you only choose to see it. Go find some happy and if you can't then be it for someone else, I promise it always finds its way back to you at just the perfect moment in time.

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon

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