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Alien invasion or something like that...

Random thoughts in my head...

I started binge watching Roswell, the 1999 version. My Grandpa always loved alien movies and series and so my childhood was full of shows like this. I guess it's no surprise I would end up loving these cheesy alien shows at some point. Honestly, since the pandemic began, I’ve felt like I’m living in some twilight zone/ sci-fi alien show. But it did get me thinking about a lot of things...

I sometimes focus so much on the future and the things I’m trying to get to, or so much in the depth of whatever struggle I’m currently in, that I forget to live in the present. I forget to cherish each moment, and then I wake up and years have flown by and I missed so many moments. Life isn't built on years, or months, or weeks or days. Life is built on moments, tiny little slivers of time that belong only to you.

Even if a thousand people have the same experience as you in the same sliver of time, it's still only your moment. Because none of those thousand people will have experienced that moment the way you did. All of our experiences in life are based on our unique lens and our lens is created by our perceptions of what we have experienced up to that point, what we have been taught, what we have endured, what we have learned and what we have created true or not. Because of this no two people have the same experience the same way and that is an amazing thing.

Sometimes I go outside at night and just look up at the stars, not looking for aliens… just taking it all in. Taking in the beauty of it, the vastness of it, and I thank God for giving me something so wondrous to watch and I remember the moment, the moments. Don’t miss the moments, you don’t get them back.

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon

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