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For all my tender-hearted people...

I sometimes will add things on the blog that I write in my journal. This is one of those things. I posted it a week or so back (thinking I saved it to drafts) it instead actually published lol. So some of you have already read it. But Here it is as it was meant to be.

Life doesn’t get easier, doesn’t get less painful. It doesn’t give you a pass through the bad because you are a good person. It doesn’t ease the discomfort because you are kind. Sometimes the world will be harder on you, more hurtful and vengeful because you are tender and kind… because you see the world through a different lens.

Because good, kind, and compassionate exposes and push out pain. It forces people hiding behind their masks to really look at themselves. It pushes out deeply rooted pain that people have never had to face. And Pain while being pushed out from that deep of a place… can feel unbearable. It can feel crippling, make you panic, and make it hard to breathe, think, or even function. It can block out your view of anything but that pain. It can make you mean, it can shatter you, spin you out, or it can make you run. I’ve lived on both the pain side and the tender-hearted side.

So, it is understandable that the world, that anyone rather than feel that pain would choose to lash out, claw, scrape, scream and cut you as deep as possible, trying to protect themselves, trying to make you feel their pain. Because they mistakenly think that if they break you, it will make them feel better. They mistakenly believe that if they mock you or laugh at you for your kindness and sensitivity, it will ease their own discomfort. They don’t realize that their pain will continue to infect, cause harm, to apply painful pressure to them, turning them into someone they won’t even recognize until all the pain, hurt, and festering wounds are pushed out and allowed to heal.

Don’t let them break you. Your love, your kindness, and your compassionate heart may be the only lifeline some of those people have down the road.

They may hurt you now, they may cut you deep, they may mock you, hate you, and misunderstand you completely. But someday they will remember you. They will remember that life couldn’t break you. They will remember that you stayed kind when the world was unkind. That you stayed loving when the world was hateful. That you stayed strong in compassion when the world dished out only judgment, mockery, and pain.

They will remember your tears, words, and actions, and it will change them. Years down the road, you may meet those same people who were so horrible to you, who came so close to breaking you, and you might find them to be kind, generous, giving, and happy. You might find them to be vessels of love. Because you changed them without even knowing it, just by being you.

Because that beautiful sweet, kind, and see the best in everyone and everything heart even after being broken a million times and knowing it will be broken a million times more… is what makes you exactly the voice, exactly the actions the world needs right now.

So, from me to you… don’t let them break you. Don’t close off your heart to protect yourself from pain and never give up on the power of kindness and compassion.

You are going to change the world in more ways than you know. Don’t let the hardness of the world change your heart before you get there.

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie D


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