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Greetings from planet upside down......

I'm not even sure where to begin right now to be honest. I know I'm about two months behind on this blog thing. Life has been hard and crazy! 2020 is a year I'm never going to forget, even if I wanted to. We started of course with the global pandemic, which for someone like me, battling a chronic illness was beyond stressful. Then in the middle of the global pandemic we had mass instances of social injustice coming to light, followed by protests, riots and a lot of chaos. No one has had anywhere to go because of everything being shut down. People are out of work, I know we went three months with no pay in my household it's tough. We lost a lot of people famous in the world and famous to only our families.

It is also an extremely politically charged year as well, because we have an election coming up in November. I'm sad to say, that much like every other election year (only way way worse) no one is even trying to find a middle ground on either side of the political divide. Republicans hate democrats and blame them for everything. And likewise Democrats hate Republicans and blame them for everything as well. But I have never seen the level of hate and inconsideration and disregard for humanity as I have seen this election year. I shouldn't be surprised given the state of our country and world right now, but I was. I still choose to see the best even if no one else wants to. Hate destroys, it kills, it warps and it's not worth what you put into it. No good ever comes from it, not ever. So anyway I'm done with that discussion, I hope you all will chose kindness, compassion and empathy over hate. Until you have walked in someone else's life, you have no idea or understanding of why they make the choices they do. So at least try to understand the other humans around you. We are all shaped by drastically different views of the world. I"m not saying however that a lot of those views don't need to change, they do. But hate doesn't change people, love, kindness and understanding does change people.

My Grandma passed away on September 2nd, 2020. She was my safe place, the person I could tell anything to my whole life and not worry about judgment or it being told to someone else. She taught me manners, how to be a servant, how to put in hard work but still have fun. A huge part of the person I am today I learned from her. I knew I was losing her but it didn't make it any easier. And trying to figure out how to navigate everything without her here in the worst most insane year I ever remember living is challenging to say the least . I feel like my compass is just a little off in pointing true North. So I'm trying to navigate that in the midst of keeping my mind, emotions, spirit and healthy in check.

So anyway, now that I've gotten all that lovely reflection of my chest haha. I've been working a lot through all this craziness. So a lot of new content coming soon. I know my definition of soon is not the same as most haha. But I do the best I can with what I have and am able to work with right now.

I hope you are all doing amazing, staying inspired, remembering you are loved and looking for the beauty that is in everyday.

Be honest, Be real, Be you!

Bobbie De Leon

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Very pretty and honest post. I agree, to much hate. What the world needs is a lot more of Jesus and a lot less of self. God bless.

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