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Happy Halloween 2022

It is officially Halloween 2022. We carved our pumpkins (my skills have not improved lol) hubby is way better than me. We lit them took pics outside and then it started raining lol. I snapped a few pics in my hippie costume for fun.

I’ve truly enjoyed all the leaves changing colors, my morning gratitude walks, and the beauty of fall. The blustery days, the chilly days, the rainy days, and the sunny days (not so much the random hot days lol).

I feel that every day I’m more thankful and appreciative of all I have been blessed with even through the struggles. There is so much beauty still in this world if we choose to see it.

I hope you all have a fun safe hallo0ween and happy 55 days till Christmas :D

Be honest, Be real, Be you

- Bobbie De Leon


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