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How I get through really hard days...

Living with chronic neuro Lyme disease, means learning to navigate some really bad days. I've had to put a routine in place to help me stay the course on those days. It also helps me to protect my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health in the process. I thought I would post some of the things I do and if they help you amazing! If they don't help you that's ok too. Take and use what you want or need and leave what doesn't work for you :)

How I get through really hard days…..

1. Before I even start my day I stop, I take few slow deep breaths, and think of three things I am truly thankful for. This helps me get my headspace off of the struggle I'm in and onto the good parts of my life. Which in turn helps me have the strength to make it through to the next good day.

2. Around lunch time I try to think of someone who has impacted my life for the better, even in a small way at some point in my life. Then I see if there is any way I could repay that kindness to someone else (a compliment, a kind word, an unexpected text, a surprise card or gift etc.)

3. Before I go to bed at night, whether I sleep or not (because I do battle insomnia). I stop again, take a few slow deep breaths, clothes my eyes and really think about my day and my life. All the things I’ve faced and been through and think about how I'm still here! That is a miracle. God has kept me alive though all that craziness. I am a miracle! You are a miracle! And I keep that thought close to me. I think of all the things I've accomplished that I was sure I never would.

4. I Keep a daily journal (I have four haha)

a. A Gratitude journal

b. A manifestation journal

c. My daily journal

d. My dream journal

Don’t worry I’m a writer so naturally I have a ton of journals. You really only need one, so go with whatever works best for you. I will explain each one below:

A. My Gratitude journal is pretty self explanatory, every morning and night I write at least one thing I’m thankful for. Even on the worst days I can get one thing in there. If you can do three or more even better!

B. My manifestation journal is where I write what I am believing for that day

Ex: Today I will be happy

Today I will feel healthy and strong

Today I will be able to make someone smile

Today I will find a way to show compassion

Today I will thrive in-spite of pain

Today I will get that opportunity I’ve been working so hard for

And then I go back at the end of the day and check off the ones that happened. And the ones that didn’t I consider them carry over’s for another day lol.

C. My daily journal is my venting place

Sometimes I write about what has happened that day, the whole possibly boring truth of it all (ex: watched friends all day…..with popcorn) lol. And other times its major stuff like when my Grandma passed away. Sometimes it’s about my struggle with Lyme, especially days when the pain is difficult to get through because I don’t take anything for pain, or days where I’m battling fatigue so bad I can barely get out of bed. I've had to train my mind to overpower the pain and fatigue signals; otherwise they would control my entire life. Some days I’m great at it, other days I suck at it, but either way I get through it and the journal helps me with that. I don’t censor myself in my journal (please never read it lol). I say exactly what I’m feeling, what I need to say and the way I need to say it, to get it all out so it’s not building up inside me. Sometimes I add notes after a super dramatic post like (obviously that was me on emotional crack, all better now lol). It’s just a way to keep myself real with myself so that I can then in turn be real with others.

D. My dream journal is a combination journal, it’s where I write down things I actually dream about while sleeping, especially if I remember details. just in case they mean something down the line. Sometimes those dreams are also showing me things under the surface I need to address. And it’s also where I write down things I dream of … such as in career, people in my industry I would like to work with, the kind of house and property I want, ways I want to help people etc.

It is a combination of all of these things that get me through each day. So I just thought I would share. If it helps you amazing! If not, that’s cool too! I hope you all have an amazing week! Also it's 6:43am on an icy Monday morning and I haven't slept yet

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon

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