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Life in the twilight zone....

So I haven’t written a blog since before the pandemic hit. The reason for that is I had to get my head wrapped around everything happening in the world around me. Because of Lyme disease I was considered high risk, so my hubby and I were quarantined for over two months at home. I’m so thankful we are more than husband and wife. I'm thankful that we have that best friendship that made those two months actually fun and we were able to just enjoy the time we had together that we normally don’t get. That said, it was a stressful time of uncertainty and still is in a lot of ways.

Then while still in the middle of a pandemic we entered into the largest civil rights movement in history. The largest because this time it was worldwide, every color, every age, every nation and creed all standing in unity to fight systematic racism. We have a long way to go yes, but this unity showed we have come further than those still wanting to suppress people based on skin color had any idea of. So I’ve been further educating myself on this as well and adjusting, giving, fighting for change where I can and need to.

I truly have felt like I got stuck in one of my sci-fi novels or an episode of the old twilight zone show since March. Through all this the battle with Lyme didn’t magically go away, so I finally this week had to just step back and re-focus on health and prayer and leveling myself back out. I’ve been advocating for equality and I will continue to do that but Lyme is still a very real struggle for me and so many others. It's a disease with low funding, little attention and no insurance coverage or full cure and yet it's affecting millions daily at alarming rate, except no one is sounding any alarms. It’s affecting millions worldwide, myself included and I feel to keep my focus more there. I’ve learned so much over the last ten years but especially the last three years in what works and what doesn’t fighting this. What works for me may not work for you, but healthy eating, exercise, mental, emotional and spiritual good health is good for everyone.

I will be posting an online devotional/journal type content here that I hope will help you navigate all the craziness in the world right now. Especially if you struggle with anything that is chronic. It is a short glimpse into a life practice, so remember that what I share took a lot of practice for me, I didn’t just magically learn to do it all over night. I’m still learning and growing daily as we all should. So be patient with yourself and allow yourself to learn, course correct and grow. None of us are perfect but we can all do better.

I hope you are all staying safe, being kind, helping bring positive changes to our world and staying healthy yourself. If you are broken down and running on empty yourself, it is hard to help others up, so make sure you make time to take care of you but don't close yourself off.

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon


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