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Living each day with purpose....

I've been working really hard lately to live each day with purpose. The good days and the bad ones. I made myself a little mind reset guide for the days that are a little harder lol. I've learned that more I look for the beauty, the good, the more I find it. So I thought I would share :)

Live each day with purpose, on purpose

1. Today, I will fail, more than once, and I will be okay with that. I will forgive myself. I will give myself a break. Because today, I will succeed, more than once, and I will allow those successes to outweigh my inability to be perfect.

2. Today, I will realize just how beautiful and valuable I am, regardless of how I might be feeling. Because today, there is no one else like me in the entire world. There is no one else who can bring to the world what I can. Because I am the only me there is.

3. Today, I will be kind, understanding and loving towards myself. Because I realize that this is the only way that I can be kind, understanding and loving towards other people.

4. Today, I will take care of myself. I will rest if I need to, I will eat healthy, I will drink water, and I will exercise even if only in small steps. Because my life and my health matter. My creativity, productivity and outlook on life always improve if I’m doing the best I can, to be at my best. I can’t fix all the issues I might be dealing with, but I can take a real shot at knocking them down a few steps and putting them in correct perspective.

5. Today, I will take at least one step towards making my dreams a reality. Because time will continue to keep moving whether I move with it or not.

6. Today, I will take action on at least one thing that will move me towards leaving this world a better place. I will ask someone how their day is; I will make an effort to smile as much as possible. I will pay someones bill whenever I have it to do so. I will leave a bigger tip than required. I will show kindness to someone who isn’t showing kindness to me, because I have no idea what they might be facing right now. I will stand up for someone being bullied online or otherwise, celebrity or not.

7. Today I will find at least three things I have to be thankful for, knowing that if I take time to consider, to ponder, I could list far over three just by being alive.

8. Today I will use the ideology of the movie Pollyanna and always look for the good. And I will look at the world like Anne of Green Gables “It’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it”.

9. Today I will remember before I go to sleep that as also stated in Anne of Green Gables “tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it”.

10. Today, I can rest easy knowing I did the best I could do. And today, that was enough.


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