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Reflections of 2019....

As I write this final blog of 2019, I find myself reflecting on all the changes that a single year can bring.For me those changes have been vast. Just one year ago I was still struggling with major health issues. I was still in and out of emergency rooms, doctors offices and urgent care facilities. My husband was still having to use a ton of fmla days to help keep me level. I was still totally unsure if my ability to sing and write songs was something I would ever get back or not. Just one year ago I still felt like I was living half a life. But I made some major changes this last year.

The first was my outlook, I chose to be thankful for something everyday no matter how hard that day might be. I chose to find the good in life, the beauty, I chose to focus on the moments that made me smile, made me feel happiness. I chose to live my life one moment at a time.

Second, I radically changed the way I eat. I started eating as much local and organic fresh fruits and veggies as possible. I focused on lean and when possible organic meats, when I eat meat at all. I stopped drinking all soda of any kind or even store bought juices and started drinking a lot of water and herbal tea's (I do still drink coffee with almond milk).

Third, I chose to go back to working on the things I love, singing, writing music and writing in general, not worrying about perfection but focusing on progress. The time was still going to pass whether I was doing great or miserable, so I decided there was no reason to put things off anymore. Just those decisions changed my whole life. I stopped wearing most all make-up other than eye liner and mascara and I started taking epsom salt baths once a week with activated charcoal in them. I stopped using shampoo, conditioner and soaps with harmful chemicals in them.

Has it been expensive?? YES! But not nearly as expensive and being in the hospital, doctors office,emergency room and urgent care every other week. No where near as expensive as living on tons of medications that in the end made me feel a thousand times worse than I already did. So it was worth sacrificing other things I may have wanted but not needed.

I had some super rough days at first after making those changes, I also cut out almost all sugar, breads, pastas, white flour, processed foods, just major changes, but very necessary ones. Since making those changes, I have been able to start working out, I can sing again, I was able to go to a 21 Pilots concert that blew my mind. I'm able to do fun date days again with my hubby outside of the house. Yes, I still have to be more cautious than the average person and I still have to cancel if anyone where I am going is battling any kind of sickness. But I've come so far! And I'm excited for 2020 as I cement the changes I made in 2019 more solidly into my life. If you want to grow it requires change. So these are my changes, for 2020 I'm just working towards progress, one breath, one step, one moment at a time. Lastly I apologize the program I am writing this on will not let me edit anything grrrr so this post will be far from perfect. But that's life ;)

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon

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