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The magic of music....

I feel like in the past few weeks I have re-discovered my deep love and appreciation of music in all its genres and forms. It can change moods, emotions and impact people’s lives and decisions in powerful ways. I’ve always loved music as I was a performing singer-songwriter before Lyme disease was affecting my body too much to continue. For me, music for several years was painful and didn’t feel like an outlet anymore. But lately, I’m singing again, writing again and just absorbing the beauty of it like a sponge. It has been the greatest gift to re-connect with something I was worrying I had lost forever.

Sometimes it just takes a very brave songwriter, singer, writer, painter to open up in an area they might be uncomfortable with and it creates this beautiful ripple affect. Because when you are vulnerable and real in music, it comes through to the listener. The same thing happens in writing poetry, writing books, painting pictures, any form of art, really. When that honesty and vulnerability comes through the voice, music or page, it then influences the listener or reader to open up and connect in a way they might not with a person.

Built up and undealt with emotion causes so many bad things in our bodies. Music, poetry, books, paintings or other outlets, it frees up the space in our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits to create. It’s amazing what we can do when we allow ourselves the freedom to create something that just might help someone else get through a hard time. So who or what is holding you back? And what is your outlet to let that go? Because when you let go, a whole new world of being opens up to you. One of unlimited possibilities, even for those like me living with chronic illness.


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