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Dear Monday.....

Dear Monday,

Today I am going to be inspired even if I have to create that inspiration myself! Today I am going to push past my fatigue and all the stuff going on in the world around me and even in my own life and start making my dreams come true! I usually dread you every week… because you come right after a two day weekend. But today I’m making a change! Monday, I am welcoming you with open arms today! I am welcoming you with open arms because you can be the beginning of inspiration each week instead of the destruction of it. So Monday I am giving you another chance! Today I am going to enjoy you to the fullest and with determination make something great and productive out of you! This is my official notice to you Monday. I owe you an apology, for all the problems I have claimed you cause me were actually my own fault. Every day is a gift and that gift works in the way I chose to use it. I am sorry for not using you to the best of my ability. But starting today we will change the world….One word at a time. Monday…..LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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