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Be honest, Be real, Be you.....

Be honest, Be real, Be you is a tag line I have been using for my life, my music and my writing for over 17 years! It best represents everything I want you to understand about me. Trying to be something I'm not is just too exhausting for me.... what you see is what you get. I think one of the greatest tragedies of the modern social media craze is people have forgotten how to be real and honest and authentic. No one seems to know who they are anymore or what they really want. People hide behind computer screens and pretend. They pretend to be someone else, someone adventurous, happy, whole. They pretend to be kind, to care, to want to make a difference. They pretend to be clean, when their lives are consumed in substance abuse. They pretend to be okay when their lives are falling apart and they pretend to have power over others, to bully, to belittle, to discount other's opinions. No matter how they pretend the end result of emptiness is the same.

If you want to truly be who you were destined to be and be happy in it.... then be honest, be real, be you! Learn to be authentic! And who cares who likes or dislikes you for it! But Warning!!!! keep in mind that we are all very different people........and thank God we are! The world would suck a thousand times worse if we all thought, felt and acted the exact same way.

If you look at the modern social media platforms and even the modern media's representation of opinions, it makes it look like we all are divided.....that we all hate each other, that it's wrong to have a different opinion or point of view and that the world is so full of evil that there is really no point in even trying to do good. Well, I'm here to tell that representation is a lie!!! We do not have to agree to respect each other's opinions and no matter how dark the world is there is always light, if you choose to look for it. If you want to see how badly social media and the media itself represents the whole of society then get off your phone and get out of your house and meet people. Because most people want to learn, they want to know other opinions, they want to explore! Most people want to understand why you feel the way you do and they want you to understand them. They want to help and be seen as a good person, and they want to love and be loved back.

Yes, there is a whole lot of evil in this world and yes it's unspeakable why in the world would you want to keep looking for the evil? Why would you want to keep talking about the evil and bringing focus to that evil??? Look for the good, look for the light, it's out there and if you keep you looking for it, it will find you! Talk about the good! Imagine how much more amazing the world would be if the news was 90% or more based on finding the good stories, the inspirational stories, that they don't even try to look for anymore???? So since they won't do it, we have to.

So join me on an adventure to be the change! Be the good! Be the light! Be the real! Be you!~

Never underestimate the power of good or authenticity. It only takes one spark to start a fire and one person to change the world!!!!

Bobbie De Leon

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