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Small Town Christmas Festival

So many amazing things I have been able to experience this past year while doing research for a book. One of those was a local town Christmas festival. In order to see more of the inside workings, I volunteered to help out (also it's just the right thing to do). One thing you may not realize is how much hard work goes into planning and then carrying out each of your local events. And also how one small detail can make it all come together perfectly or cause the whole thing to unravel. So please take time to really thank the people in your community who put on and sponsor your local events (you have no idea how stressed they actually are), most of them like me are not paid for the work they do or the help they give. Another suggestion.....get involved, volunteer! If you really want to make a difference get in there and fill in where there are gaps (a lot of times they won't ask for the help but it's obvious when it's needed so offer). I have included pictures below! It was the first of many beautiful events I look forward to seeing! They lit up the town and a very large tree!!! There were vendors, Food Trucks, Christmas music, performers on stage, Pictures with Santa, all sorts of fun events. If your town puts on an event like this I highly suggest you get out there and experience it! I have included some photos below, I hope you enjoy them!

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