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Celebrate July!!!

I celebrate two things every July... The first is Independence Day. Because despite her faults I love America! There are still so many reasons to be thankful that I live in this nation. I have a home, I have a car, I have safe places to purchase food and I have access to clean water. I can go pretty much anywhere I

want without government interference. Just those few things I mentioned are things that I know millions of people all around the world only dream of. So I don't forget the blessings I've been given, or the people throughout history who have sacrificed so much so that I could enjoy those blessings. I find it has been life changing to focus daily on what I have been blessed with, instead of things I am still missing or struggling with. So on that note, I wish you all a safe, happy, blessed and thankful Independence Day!

The second thing I celebrate every July is Christmas in July! Those who know me well and those who know me not so well all know I have obsessive Christmas disorder! I LOVE Christmas! It has been my happy place my entire life so I look for any reason or time to celebrate it. Full disclosure, I'm watching a Nutcracker Christmas on Hallmark right now. It's true my excitement builds the closer we get to December, but I stay excited and look for ways to celebrate Christmas all year. So this July, as always I will try to find ways to be kinder, more understanding and more forgiving. I will stay in my happy place, because it is so much easier to help people from there. So Happy Christmas in July!!!!

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