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2020 is now officially up and running. And I'm busy working on creative things (YAY)! I did however manage to break my toe right out of the starting gate.....again. By again, I mean I literally broke the exact same toe 2 years ago! But this time it was Stephen King's fault, or at least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself. I had placed five Stephen King books in a box as I was attempting to organize my office. I was walking by, probably too quickly, when I heard (and felt) the loud snap of my poor toe as it connected with the fury of those Stephen King novels. For future reference, I much prefer reading his books, as opposed to getting physically involved with them. I earned my self 6 to 8 weeks in a walking boot. Moral of the story, never take on a Stephen King book, you will lose and it will hurt, badly haha. While my toe heals I will get some extra creativity stirred up.

I'm working on a project that I started eleven years ago! It was just before the worst of the Lyme symptoms hit me. I had about half of it done, but then had to abandon it because of being so sick. I realize now, that even though at the time it seemed the reason was the illness, the true reason I had to step away from this project, was that I had not yet lived the part of it I would need to write to complete it. I will give more updates on that soon and give you some samples of what is coming!

I titled this post Activate, the reason for that is activate is the word I chose for 2020. The other word I chose was action! I want those to go hand in hand this year. I want everything I do this year to be moving me towards my goals, better health, being a better person and completing all the projects I was too sick to finish the last decade. And honestly just trying to make the world a better place. One person can make a difference. Far too many years have been used dreaming because I wasn't able to do. But I can do so many things that I couldn't just a few months ago. Every step counts!

I hope following my journey this year, will inspire you to go after what you dream of, what your goals are, even if it is an uphill fight. It's true in this life we regret the chances we didn't take far more than the ones we did take and didn't achieve.

No regrets this year! Let's all dive in and do what we can. And if that means you made it out of bed and were able to take a shower and that's as far as you got, amazing! I remember days when that task would have been impossible for me, so I see you and I'm proud of you for not giving up. Keep going and lets do this!!!

Be Honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon


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