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Coffee, Cameras, Music and Quilts...

Some random things that always seem to inspire me. By inspire me, I mean, they spark inspiration, like a match. I’m not even sure why, but for whatever reason they do and I’m thankful for that.

I love coffee, the smell, the look, the taste, the colors, and the options. Coffee houses, coffee at my house everything. If I could drink only coffee and survive, I would do it lol.

I love vintage film cameras, not digital (the only digital camera I use anymore is my phone) there is just something magic about the film, color film, black and white film, it is raw and unfiltered and I love it. To me, there is something actual film captures in the eyes, in the object, it is seeing that digital cannot. Perhaps I feel film captures what I see.

I love music, especially music that moves me (not like dance moves, but that too lol) but music that makes me feel emotions to my core. I will be frozen where I am if I walk past a street performer singing or playing with true passion. Or hear a song on the radio or at an actual show. When you can feel love, hurt, pain, agony, and ecstasy in the lyrics or movement of the music or hear it in the voice of the singer. It lights up every creative cell I have.

I Love vintage quilts… My mind is always imagining the work, the time, the dedication, the designs, the material, the pattern choices, and the colors it’s a canvas in blanket form. I love everything about them. I think about if it was made in a quilting circle the discussions each quilt might have heard which usually sparks a story in my mind and I’m off to write again.

All of this is to say there is magic, passion, joy, inspiration, and life in finding things that truly inspire you, things that move you as nothing else does. It can be many things and none of them have to go together. But on harder days when your world seems to have gone mad, they are a lifesaver. So throw yourself a lifeline and find what moves you, what inspires you, and what lights up your creative cells. We all have the ability to create whether in the arts, business, or any other area. There is just something to be said for finding your rivers of inspiration.

I hope you find amazing things that move you in magical ways, and that every day you find some beams of love, joy, and gratitude.

Be Honest, Be Real, Be you.

Bobbie De Leon

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