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2023 Year-End Review

I’m not sure I have actual words for this year! It was hard, like super hard in every possible way. I thought I was not going to make it multiple times. Life has been hard for a long time but 2023 has seemed to produce the most intense of challenges. That said, I also feel like I grew the most as a person in 2023 so I’m leaning into that for gratitude. I learned a lot, like a whole lot. Without leaning into gratitude life can be a lot to deal with so I will always volley back to gratitude and hope.


 I am excited that despite all the challenges this year has brought I have still managed to accomplish a lot. I released a children’s book that sold out in its first run which was just amazing! I worked so hard on that and to see it come into the natural world and be in my actual hands was indescribable.


I released a book of short stories, a book of poems, and a book of photographs. It’s all doing what I can, where I am, with what I have. I have my book Confessions of an Average Girl coming up and a lot of other amazing things. Challenges have been like waves; I barely recover from one when the next hits. But I keep taking steps, no matter how small to move forward.


I know the last four years have been hard on everyone and I hope that in those hard things, hard times you have been able to find a silver lining. Something to be thankful for. And if you haven’t it’s okay, I get it. But I hope you still find it, because I promise, life with gratitude and hope is so much better even in the hard stuff.

Being eternally addicted to hope is how I survive. I will be sharing more about that with you in the coming weeks.


Saying goodbye to 2023 which brought a lot of tears

Saying hello to 2024 which I go into with hope


I wish you all a Happy New Year and I pray that it is easier for all of us. Please be safe this New Year’s Eve! No party or “fun” is worth your life.



Be Honest, Be Real, Be You!


Love and blessings


Bobbie De Leon


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