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Happy Little Things....

I was at the grocery store and two people were in front of me. A man in his 80s was short on having enough to pay for all his groceries (and it’s not like he had a lot of food). The cashier tells him “I got you. Have a blessed day.” He looked surprised. “Are you sure?” he replied. “Absolutely,” she said with a smile. He thanked her multiple times as he walked away. Then the younger guy with a million tattoos in front of me hands the cashier the money to cover what the man before him was short. “I don’t have a lot, but I got this.” She graciously accepted and I was teared up. Every once in a while my faith in the goodness possible in humanity is restored. ❤️🙏🏻. Super thankful for little moments like this where kindness spreads out before I even have time to react


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