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Life lately and upcoming releases....

Fall is my Favorite Season of All / Write Into Wings / The Real Me/ Confessions of an Average Girl Mushrooms/ Photography

So much is going on in the world and my own life right now, staying inspired is a challenge and I know that is true for everyone right now. A lot of us are simply trying to survive, to find a level place, which can seem light-years away when life gets like this. I’ve learned to lean hard into doing what I can, where I am, with what I have. That said I have poured all I have into these next projects leading up to confessions.


First of all thank you all so much!!!! My first run of Fall is my favorite time of year sold out!!! So I’m waiting on a new batch and order information. They are changing the way the orders are done to avoid the issues we had with shipping and receiving the first run. I cannot even express my gratitude for all of your love and support.

#2 – WRITE INTO WINGS - I have taken the short stories I’ve written and put them in book form. I had so many people ask me if I could do this because it’s hard for them to read them online. I will have to do these in volumes. Volume one is coming soon!!!

#3 – PHOTOGRAPHY IN A LIMITED PLACE - One of the things I’ve done during my battle with chronic illness is leaning hard into what I mentioned above doing what I can, with what I have, where I am. One of the ways I do that is with photography. I have a photography book coming out also that will showcase how I put that into practice. I will explain this in more detail in a video before the release. I’m excited to show you all the ways I’ve learned to get things done when I’m super physically (and often mentally and emotionally limited).

#4 - THE REAL ME – My poetry book is the best of the poems I’ve written over years of healing. They cover a lot of themes, struggles, breakthroughs, battles, and healing. I’ve used poetry since I was a little kid to work my way through things. To see things from a different perspective so I’m super excited this is finally coming out.

I am aware poetry is not for everyone and also the styles of poetry people like and love vary wildly. So, if it is not your thing that is okay lol. Poetry is art in one of its most beautiful forms. Art is also subject to the full interpretation of not so much the eye of the artist as the eye of the beholder. I hope that these poems will help you see a new perspective as they did me and they will help you also heal.

#5- Confessions Of An Average Girl – Last but certainly not least is my book. This has been a lot to work through (like years of work) learning the craft to make it the best I possibly could so that the impact would be the greatest. This book is about struggle, pain, trauma, hopelessness, health good and bad in all its forms. This book is about healing, hope, overcoming, finding the slivers of light, and building back a happy life despite pain and difficulty. I am most proud of this book, for all it showed me I had overcome, for all it showed me I still needed to work through, and for how it could help so many other people pull themselves up from hopeless and impossible-looking situations. Pre-orders for Confessions will be up soon!

So that I don’t overwhelm you or me I have requested to space these releases out. But I do think the Short story and poetry books will be dropping fairly close to each other.

A final note on Fall Children's book……

I’ve received so many messages and texts and emails about a sequel to the children’s books because I ended it with snow lol. There is indeed a winter/snow sequel, but it does not come out until next year! I am so happy and thankful to be getting all the messages about this though. The book will also be available next year in Spanish which I am ridiculously excited for.

Thank you all for all your love, prayers and support!!!

Be Honest, Be Real, Be You

Bobbie De Leon


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