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Thankful beyond words…

It has been a whirlwind week and weekend. One of our fur babies, Blazer, had a tumor mass that got really bad, really quick. He was running a high fever and started not doing well. I got him to the vet as soon as I could; they checked him out and then took him into emergency surgery. It was extremely stressful.

The hardest part for me (aside from them preparing for the possibility he wouldn’t make it) was leaving him there. I was sobbing when I left. I prayed a lot that night and called them a lot. I am forever thankful that he pulled through and has been doing amazing.

He gets his stitches out on the 27th and he will be allowed to be his goofy hyper self again. Right now we have to keep him calm and not let him jump up on stuff or play hard with Lainey Bug, he doesn't love that part.

My body, however, is now feeling the full fury of that level of stress. So I am now praying and working through that. Stress and Lyme do not go well together at all. It triggers a lot of issues.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up this fall. I will post updates about those in the coming weeks.

I have a new short story I am working on. I will post that as soon as I am done with the editing.

Other than that, I am officially decorated for fall and ready for summer to get the heck out of here lol. I’m not a summer girl, that’s for sure. Give me fall and winter. 100+ degrees in September is a challenge for my imagination.

Give me 50's and 60's, my hoodies and sweaters miss me.

I hope you all have the best week and that you find something or someone to be thankful for :)

Be honest, Be real, Be you

Bobbie De Leon


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