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Wildflowers ©bobbiedeleon2023

.... Thoughts from my journal...


They don’t always see you as more than a weed,

They prefer roses, where beauty is seen.

But You are a sunflower, a Daisy, a dream.

You are Yellows and oranges and pinks and greens.

Your beauty is inside, and it shines inside out.

You see beauty differently, than the world talks about.

Sure, you have moments when you feel beautiful.

But they are quickly overtaken, by doubts of the unattainable.

You should be taller, thinner, and quieter, please!

You should be fitter, stronger, and fade out with ease.

They don’t like wildflowers “Don’t you know those are weeds?”

How can you love something that blows away in the breeze?

The shapes are all wrong, and the colors too bright!

Roses are best, they cost more right?

Roses are more valuable they say to me,

But roses cause pain from thorns they don’t see.

I tried to be a rose until I bled out.

I’m happy now to be a wildflower growing about

If you are truly a rose be proud of that grace,

But if not, just know you have a beautiful place.

A Sunflower, A Daisy, A Dandelion, A dream

A Hope, A wish, An answer,

You are Seen!


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