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You are not invisible...

Goodness, it has been quite the trying week to get this one out. Sick Puppies, Evacuations, tornados, and that was just the last four days sigh. I've been working on this for a while. My journey with chronic illness has been long, frustrating, isolating, exhausting and expensive (in every possible way).

I've had to learn to manage a lot of things, especially when diagnoses don't come for years, or you are treated like trash by medical professionals who are supposed to help you. When you have run out of ways to explain why you can't go or do something but you look fine and people don't understand that a ton of chronic conditions to a healthy person are invisible. Even friends and family often do not understand unless they have been through it. And an added challenge is when (like me) you end up with two additional lifelong diagnoses (which I will address later) you were not expecting that should have been diagnosed as a child/teen.

It's a challenge to manage a mountain of medical debt because even with amazing insurance your out-of-pocket costs go into the thousands of dollars a year which makes the day to day of living become surviving not living. I've had to manage being limited and exhausted when I am a power-through type of person who enjoys working hard. So I pivoted. I learned what I can do, where I am, with what I have.

I have such exciting things coming up and it has been a battle and a half to get there. But, in the meantime, I also wanted to make available things I've created to help me along this crazy hard journey. Things that I also felt could benefit others and keep the cost as low as I could get it (a whole other challenge).

This is one I've wanted to get out for a while. This journal is made especially for those battling chronic health conditions, misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, and no diagnosis yet. Those who have not been treated right by medical professionals

 and those who are having to navigate all the crazy emotions that come with that.

I hope you find it helpful to get it all on paper and I hope you will see you are not alone and you are loved and you matter!

You are not invisible - Journal specifically for those battling chronic often invisible to a healthy person. I added some pages about doing what you can now, with what you have now. So as soon as those pages are approved this will be available again.


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